Veve reveals Marvel’s Digital Comics

From Spider-Man to Marvel Mighty’s, Veve and Marvel introduces another set of collectible NFT featuring some of Marvel’s most historic comic book issues.

While still celebrating Marvel Month, Veve revealed the first three limited edition Marvel comics in their platform which includes Marvel Comic issue one (1939), Journey Into Mystery issue 85 (1962), and Fantastic Four issue one (1961). Each digital comic will feature up to five cover variants, each of which is associated with a different rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare). According to Veve, when fans purchase a comic, Veve’s built-in E-Reader will allow fans to read the digital comic as it hits their Collection.

On Veve, three of the digital comics are shown with not only five variants of the covers but with different color mixture. For the comic covers in the center and far right are seen in full color while the rest are black and white and mix.

Marvel Comic # 1

Journey into Mystery #85

Fantastic Four # 1

Marvel is becoming more popular on the platform ever since their first ever Spider-Man NFT has sold out in just 24- hours. As for the Marvel Mighty’s which there is no surprise, the blind box collectibles also sold out in less than 30-minutes, seeing over 90,000 units flying out of the digital store.

Fans can buy and collect a variety of Marvel NFTs, trade and hunt for rare even secret-rare NFT comic books and collectibles, and display their hard-earned collection through fully customizable virtual showrooms. The first Marvel Comic issue is already released today but fans can get the other two readable comics on Aug. 20 and Aug. 21 at 8 pm.

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