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The Dodgers have just gotten done tearing apart the Padres this past week. Lets put it into perspective just how bad it was. For three games not only were the Padres blown out they were also shut out. San Diego didn’t score one run during their first three games of the season. Making the Padres the first team to ever do that in the history of Major League Baseball.

To see that must have been great for Dodger fans. Their team charging out of the gates to claim those solid victories. Dodger fans or Los Angeles fans for that matter have a lot to celebrate this year.

As Kobe’s career dwindles down to its final finals games emotions are running rampant. The end is near and the whole NBA is doing its best to honor the Black Mamba. On top of that there’s a huge whirlwind about what the Lakers will look like moving forward and if there will ever be a new Kobe Bryant.

Also in the mix is the Los Angeles Rams who will find themselves back home and ready to play next year at the Coliseum. With their arrival comes promise of a new stadium and another football team.

All this is great for the city of Los Angeles, but there is one more sports icon that that will be honored this year. His name is Vin Scully, the legendary reporter who has covered the Dodgers since their Brooklyn days. This year at age 88 will be his last year behind the mic broadcasting the games.

Scully has tied together generations of fans with his great commentary and knowledge of the sport. So it will definitely be different hearing somebody saying “It’s time for Dodger Baseball.”

Fans everywhere have 162 games to tune in and enjoy the man work at the job he was born to do. It may seem like a lot, but time flies.