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WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon has announced his plans to bring back the XFL; a new professional football league that will compete with the NFL in the United States.

In 2001, Vince McMahon decided he would create a rival football league for the NFL called the XFL. However it did not go as he thought, as it failed after just one season even though the idea itself was not a bad one. 19 years later in 2020, McMahon will reignite the XFL in an effort to “Make football great again”.

He has decided to bring back the league in wake of the current state of the NFL. McMahon may have a point as this new league comes at a time where the NFL’s ratings have continued to decline in the past two years.

McMahon also made it clear in his press conference that this revamp of the XFL will be all about the fans. He announced that he is open to listen to any requests the fans may have and has a public suggestion box. McMahon wants the entire league to be fan driven and inspired, hoping that if we get what we ask for there is no way it will fail.

The XFL will bring many more opportunities to young players out of college who were deemed not good enough to make it to the NFL. The league will also make for a possible second chance for players who were in fact drafted by an NFL team, but failed to live up to expectations.

A name that stands out is former Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Johnny Manziel, as he has expressed interest in the playing in the league. Manziel is currently playing in the CFL, but an American comeback will certainly bring much needed attention to the brand new XFL. There is doubt that it will happen though, due to his past criminal record.