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Road to CES 2016: Virtual Gaming arrived at CES 2015

How many video games are literally interactive? Well, not many, unless you go to your nearest arcade department and dance it off against your best friend or shoot bad guys and compete against your sibling to see who got the highest score. The reality is that most consoles are sit-in-your-couch method while munching on chips and sadly gaining weight. Of course, you don’t realize it until your significant other hints to you that both of you should get a gym membership, while you think to yourself, “why should they say such a thing, you’re fine!” Don’t be fooled, face reality, gaming consoles are in some extent bad for us, but do not fret, the perfect solution without giving up that praised console of yours is here!

Virtuix has answered your prayers, this company knew what gamers were dealing with and mixed fun and exercising together in a way where you still are having fun. This gaming device is not just for arcades, so, finally it can go to your gaming room where you can immediately enjoy your favorite game while loosing calories. Virtuix introduced Omni at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, there I interviewed the communications manager where he gave me some information about this new innovation. But here’s some more fascinating facts, Omni can burn 350-400 calories in one-hour whether you walk or run. They are “the first ever omni-directional treadmill that enabled natural movement in 360 degrees..” according to their brochure given to me at their CES booth.

Get this! You can also plug in your favorite PC game through your USB or mobile game with your phones bluetooth to get your gaming on! I know very impressive. Not only that, but while playing your movement is not limited, you can walk run, jump, go backwards, step sideways and yes, you guessed it even sit! All in a 360 degree motion. Omni is for everyone with heights 4’8 to 6’5 and body weights up to 285lbs. Most exciting yet is that Virtuix has presented their product to many famous TV networks like ABC, NBC, CNBC, CBS and many more! So, how can you not love it yet. As a gamer girl and my love for first shooter games, I guarantee their game TRAVR along with their high-tech contraption of Omni is a prefect combination. One more thing, I’m getting my daily exercise in (score!)

I can go on and on about Virtuix’s Omni, but I’d rather want you all to experience it. Go to their website for more information or to purchase it for $499,which is a good deal right now because after February 1st the price will increase. Follow them on their social media; Twitter: @VirtuixOmni, and for video about their gaming device.

CES 2015: Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality:

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