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Mr. Tortilla co-founders Anthony and Ronald Alcazar announced today their partnership with New Horizons as part of the company’s philanthropic corporate responsibility. Mr. Tortilla has pledged to train and employ individuals with special needs placed by the non-profit organization.

With the launch of their ground-breaking 1 Net Carb Tortilla, the company decided to implement the use of labels for this packaging. With the help of New Horizons, this work was assigned to individuals with special needs and Mr. Tortilla created their own dedicated department to label their #1 selling product.

“The community is extremely important to our company,” said Anthony Alcazar, CEO.  “Working with Walmart I’ve had the chance to visit over 100 stores across California alone. One thing I’ve noticed and that I admire about Walmart is that they truly are an equal opportunity employer. Everyone is included in their workforce, and everyone is represented. It inspired us to create opportunities for New Horizons.”

“People with disabilities have the same needs and wants as everyone else,” said John C. Brauer, New Horizons President and CEO. “Part of these needs are as simple as wanting to work.  We’re proud to partner with an employer like Mr. Tortilla.  They have agreed to hire our individuals with special needs by offering training and jobs within their company.”

One of the fastest-growing companies in Southern California, Mr. Tortilla is a family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles. Their #1 best-selling 1-carb tortilla has garnered them attention in the small business community. In the course of this year they have doubled their workforce and continue to hire to keep up with the demand.