Web Series Review: Losing It with John Stamos

Losing It with John Stamos

Remember how you first “lost it”? Ever been curious about how the story of your first time compares with the likes of Bob Saget, Olivia Munn, or even Jeff Ross?

Thanks to the efforts of Executive Producers Morgan Spurlock and John Stamos, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the awkward years experienced by many celebrities before they became famous.

Yahoo! Screen brings the stories of the aforementioned celebrities and others such as Casey Wilson, Alan Cumming, Perez Hilton, and Matt Stone to life in the new web comedy series Losing It with John Stamos. The premise of the web series is very simple: still handsome John Stamos sits down with various celebrities to talk about their experiences loosing their virginity.

The series is an entertaining take on a topic of conversation usually reserved amongst an intimate and close group of friends. Every story by the celebrity guest has a feeling of familiarity because many in the audience can share in that moment of “I know what that’s like”. The approach to the humor is very simple: common human experience.

Short animated clips help to visually tell each celebrity’s story. Some are cartoon animation (in the case of Olivia Munn and Alan Cummings’s), classic stop animation (featured in Bob Saget and Matt Stone’s interviews), and even the use of muppet characters (in Casey Wilson’s and Michael Rapaport’s stories). One of the comedic highlights is the stop-motion visual reenactment for Michael Ian Black: he decides to substitute the name and visual approximation of his high school hookup for Shamu the Whale.

While the stories are not laugh-out-loud funny, they have a certain charm to them. It is especially refreshing to see a sense of nostalgia from some of the celebrities—especially Jeff Ross and Michael Ian Black—when they are recounting their experiences.

As for John Stamos ability and rapport as an interviewer, it is somewhat inconsistent and mediocre at best. There are a few cuts during the interviews where he displays some odd facial expressions and nonverbal behavior while the stories are being told. He doesn’t seem comfortable being the initiator in the conversation and usually lets his guests just talk while he smiles and laughs.

There are a few instances where he demonstrates fairly good rapport with his guest—particularly Bob Saget (probably because they are good friends) and Casey Wilson (who tells one of the more humorous and embarrassing stories that can’t help but spur curiosity). However, for the most part Stamos almost feels like the chair or couch his interviewees are sitting on—he’s a handsome prop the camera can focus on when cutting away from the guest.

But that’s ok. The stories still manage to provide some entertaining insight into the pasts and personalities of the celebrity guests. These are by no means probing interviews that bury deep into the personal lives of the guests. Rather, they are quick entertaining vignettes that last under seven minutes but still manage to speak to a collective experience we all share. Granted, some interviews are more interesting and entertaining than others, but the overall product is still good. It’s the perfect time killer when you have a ten minute break and are tired of looking at repetitive cat memes or videos that offer no entertainment, no laughs, and no John Stamos.

Episodes of Losing It with John Stamos are available now on Yahoo! Screen (http://screen.yahoo.com) and are also available via Yahoo’s new mobile video app. Losing It with John Stamos is produced by Morgan Spurlock’s production company Warrior Poets.


Grade: B


See the trailer here: http://screen.yahoo.com/losing-it-with-john-stamos/losing-john-stamos-trailer-214016099.html

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