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Butcher Babies

Photo By: Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E. – Music Unity Sports Entertainment

M.U.S.E. had the great opportunity to talk with one of the hottest metal bands out of our hometown of Los Angeles, BUTCHER BABIES prior to taking the stage at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Pomona, CA. We talk with lead singers Carla Harvey-Coates and Heidi Shepherd.

Hailing from the City Of Angels, the BUTCHER BABIES offer redemption from the overplayed underground, exorcising demons with a visceral sound matched only in scope by their explosive stage show. Frontwomen Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, guitarist Henry Flury [Amen], bassist Jason Klein [Azdachao] and drummer Chris Warner [Scars of Tomorrow] juxtapose brutal, aggressive riffs with beautiful melodies that wail with anguish and hope for redemption.

Taken at face value, GOLIATH is the monstrous debut from one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the Los Angeles metal scene since System Of A Down turned the city on end nearly twenty years ago. But scratch beneath the surface and the haunting story behind GOLIATH blurs in and out of horrific focus, examining the ruins of an American culture obsessed with apocalyptic carnage. GOLIATH was born in the bleak wasteland where the more savage your act, the more celebrated you become – and in a world where the miserable feel obliged to retaliate, the BUTCHER BABIES shatter the dementia with molten fury and unbridled sonic bliss.

BUTCHER BABIES is currently on tour with with Danzig and will be performing on Shiprocked with Five Finger Death Punch on January 26, 2014. GOLIATH is currently available on iTunes and the Google Play Store as well as your favorite store to purchase music near you.

Webisode: Interview with Butcher Babies:

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