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Webisode: On Location Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Opening

Voodoo Knott's Scary Farm
Photo provided by Knott’s Berry Farm

Buena Park—  Knott’s Scary Farm opened their doors September 25th for the 2014 season of horror, Halloween Haunt.

The night opened with a show hosted by the witch, and if you think bloody dead kittens was the highlight of the opening, it wasn’t . In honor of the Special Ops Infected, Knott’s was taken over by squads of zombie killers and a helicopter above our heads.

Knotts really did impress upon the fearful souls this year, with new attractions including Special Ops Infected and highly interactive skeleton key rooms.

The skeleton key rooms offered very different experiences for each maze, some of my favorites were Black Magic and Voodoo. In Black Magic, I was able to participate in seance, and the crystal ball reader was great at making you wonder what will happen next. In Voodoo, I had one of the most frightening experiences, each person is separated and put inside of a tomb, and is shut in with a 2 by 4. I have no idea how long I was really in there for, but it felt like an eternity, especially when I keep thinking about how this is what it’s like to be a dead person, alone and in the dark.

The most interactive attraction of the night was definitely Special Ops Infected, if you’re planning on going to Halloween Haunt I would not miss this. The line to enter will be a tiresome wait, but it is really worth it.

Wondering how it works? A group of 12 people are  into the infected scares zone and are handed an infrared rifle. A squad member leads you through the camp as zombies begin to pop out from every direction, and you shoot, but only head shots are permitted. As you go through the camp, you tend to get the feeling of being in a zombie apocalypse movie because through out the maze you are involved in many scenes, including being locked and captured inside of a steel cage.

At the end, you and your friends are allowed to take photos, but don’t expect your photos soon if you order them via email. It took about 4 days to receive our photos.

If you get tired from running through mazes all night I suggest you take a break and watch Elvira’s Big Top, the show is of circus theme, and ended up being one of the highlights of the night. The show was funny, graphic and made you want to look away a few times.

Elvira’s big top featured dancing, sword swallowing and a really flexible girl, that will blow your mind. The show is only on twice, so make sure to see it.


1. The ToothFairy

2. Voodoo

3. Black Magic

4. Trick or treat

5. Forevermore

6. Dominion of the Damned

7. Pinocchio Unstrung

M.U.S.E. On Location: Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Opening:

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