Week of Giving: Goodshop Makes Charitable Donation Easy In Time For Holiday Season

Article Contributed by Aaron Hendrick

During this joyful time, I always set aside a little something to give back to my community. Call it what you want, (Tradition? A loving heart? Guilt?) but each year, it’s important that I try to make a tiny difference in the lives of others around Christmas-time. This is more than commonplace every year, as charitable giving worldwide notoriously sees a spike during the holidays. Many folks choose a charity they love to donate their money and, often more importantly, their time.

For example, my husband and I give to the Trevor Project, providing a lifeline to LGBT youth all over our country. But there’s only so much time and money we can give. I was sharing this struggle with a friend of mine and her suggestion completely blew my mind. “Have you tried Goodshop?”

As the holidays begin to rev into gear and the retail season approaches, you’re probably finding yourself putting together a gift list already. And with the annual, inevitable avalanche of shopping upon you, there’s literally no better time to start earning cash for your cause through Goodshop.

They’re a coupon loyalty site, publishing over 500,000 legit deals for the most popular online stores, like Gap, Target, and Kohl’s. Basically, where you shop already. All you have to do is go to goodshop.com to sign up and select a cause from thousands of great options. Not only will you get killer savings on stuff you need, but every participating sale creates a free cash kickback that goes right to your cause.

Even better, by taking two seconds to download Goodshop Fetch, you’ll automatically be shown coupons and deals no matter where you shop online. A portion of every purchase will be donated directly to your cause. Plus, when your supporters use Goodshop Fetch, they’ll automatically contribute to your cause when they spend online!

Incredible efforts right here in Los Angeles have found quick and free success with Goodshop, including the L.A. Junior League, the Valley Waldorf City School, and the L.A. Boys and Girls Clubs.

Plus, L.A. County HS for the Arts Alumni Assoc., Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and Cheer LA have earned between $800-$1200 each, all of which came at times of need and went towards vital equipment, training programs and resources.

So before you start checking off your holiday list, just visit goodshop.com, select a cause and get shopping!

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