What Happened on The Four: Week Five

Did the four secure their seats or did new challengers come to eat?

Now, more than halfway through the competition, this week’s reigning four members have been able to secure their seats for more than three weeks in a row. So impressed by this new record, judge Sean “Diddy” Combs even invited the four at the show’s start to an after-party saying they were, “looking good and sounding good.”

This week on the hit show for the first time fans were able to check-in with last season’s winner Evvie McKinney alongside the current four. Mckinney provided advice and encouragement to the members of the four being all too familiar herself with the pressures that begin to increase as the competition narrows down to the end.

The obvious question one wants to know is whether or not the four members defended their seats against this week’s newest challengers. One of the youngest and most talented challengers of the night, Dylan Jacob wowed the judges with his MC talents and charm at just the age of 16. Not to mention, his confidence which showed clearly when he walked up to Sharaya J who has represented hip-hop on the battle competition show since the season’s premiere. Although impressive, it was Sharaya J’s performance to her own rendition of Missy Elliot’s She’s a B*tch that won the audience’s votes. The female MC dominated the stage in one of her best performances to date, ending her performance with a full dance breakdown in true Queen fashion.

Soul Singer and four member James Graham, performed a classic R&B record by Boyz II Men when challenged by R&B singer Ronny Smith Jr. out of Miami, Florida. Graham effortlessly hit mountain high notes throughout his performance which ultimately secured his seat on the four for the fifth week in a row.

With both Graham and Sharaya J being undefeated in battle, the judges notably recognized season two’s seat holders ability to continously secure their seats, unlike the musical chairs like turnover rate in which we saw in the first season of the show.

But, what may be considered to be the biggest shock of the episode was the battle between rock and roller, Jessie Kramer and small town native out of Oklahoma, Noah Barlass. The surprisingly impressive alternative soul singer won a challenge after performing a beautiful rendition of The Middle by Zedd which had judge DJ Khaled grinning the entire time. Dressed in jeans and a flannel, Barlass stated that his music goal was to “…make awesome music and to make music people will care about.”

Kramer openly expressed his disregard of Diddy’s notes from week four about incorporating versatility in his sound stating that as an artist, he was going to do what he wanted at the end of the day because the people decide and spoke in his favor. However, Kramer spoke a little too prematurely after losing against Barlass in battle and losing his seat on the four.

The final challenge featured powerhouse vocalist and four member Ali Caldwell against a 23-year-old gospel singer from Wisconsin. Caldwell sang Somebody Loves You Baby, by Patti Labelle effortlessly, bringing the entire house down. She even had judges Diddy and Meghan Trainor singing along, throwing heart hand gestures in her direction. The jaw-dropping performance secured Caldwell’s seat on the four for the second week in a row and with just three weeks left until the finale, she assured viewers that she will continue to fight until she’s the last one left standing.

All in all, another exciting week full of dazzling performances and non-sugar coated criticism from the esteemed judge panel on The Four. Tune in next week as the last round of challengers will have the final opportunity of the season to battle for a seat on the Four before the comeback episode on FOX!

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