As the underlying story that has plagued our heroes for the past 10 years, finally comes to surface. Fans of the franchise must remember, that this is what it all has led too. There has been no greater threat to humanity, no greater advisory, no greater battle. Than that of stopping Thanos, from joining together all six infinity stones and destroying half of humanity.

These stone, already powerful on their own, when combined, will give it holder unlimited and untamed powerful abilities. To stop them from being joined is easy but to stop even two from coming together is difficult. If the past two Avenger films have taught us anything, is that even when all of earths mightiest heroes are together…no battle is ever easily won.

If your hoping that because this is Avengers: Infinity Wars. That the fashion elements will be stepped up. You may want to clarify what it is you are expecting. As scarlet Johansson pointed out at the Avengers Press Conference; “I wear a leather unitarded for most of the film and I have been for the last 10 years. I have a new vest, and a new hairstyle as well. It’s a little bit polarizing but it was a choice I made.” Now, this isn’t to say that nothing is new about what our heroes wear; as Steve Rodgers pointed out in Captain America: Winter Solider; “If you’re going to fight a warrior you have to wear a uniform.” And since we last saw our heroes, many have gotten a much-needed upgrade to their suits; all for beneficial reason of course.

While the film is nerve-wrecking and epic. Marvel never seems to lose the moments that bring air into our lungs and smiles to our faces. For the past ten years, we have all heard the stories of how close a family the cast is and how much fun they have on set. During the Avengers Press Conference we got to see first-hand just how comical all these actors are. Since the release of the films official trailer, Marvel has been releasing on social media edited clips to get the fans excited. One such clip is an interaction between Starlord and Thor. Despite the world ending dilemma that faces out heroes, they remain true to their charismatic nature.

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