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Some real honesty here. When it comes to K-pop groups we all know that girl groups just don’t get the same shine that their male counterparts do. For example, even though BLACKPINK can pull in BTS numbers, especially when it comes to streaming, BTS is widely known in the states and have attended the Grammys. Furthermore, South Korean music labels typically see female K-pop groups as less profitable ventures compared to their boy groups, however things might be changing.

In 2022, it is slated that 54 new K-pop groups will debut and out of those 54 groups the majority is female. Moreover, all of the four major Korean music labels will debut an all girl group in 2022. From SM Entertainment to HYBE having its first ever girl group, all are leaning into the feminine wave. Let’s take a look at some female groups to look forward to in 2022.

  1. GOT: Girls On Top [SM Entertainment]Making their debut at the beginning of the year or almost as the clock hit 2022 on New Year’s Eve, SM entertainment debuted its super mash up superstar super girl group. Remember SuperM in 2019, well now there is GOT: Girls On Top. Uniting all the four generations of K-pop, this new girl group encompasses first generation solo star BoA (whose career basically built SM Entertainment), second generation K-pop global phenomenon, Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon and HyoYeon, third generation of K-pop Red Velvet’s SeulGi and Wendy, and the fourth generation of K-pop Aespa’s Karina and Winter. Clearly, this group has no lack of talent and really pays homage to the history of K-pop in a current girl group that is kicking off this year.
  2. Baby Monster [YG Official]Home of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment, is looking to debut a new girl group. With rumors that BLACKPINK may not renew their contract with their label next year, YG entertainment is promising to debut a new girl group with the focus on teenagers. All of the members are supposed to be from the ages of 15 to 16 and focus on a younger demographic.
  3. NMIXX [JYP]JYP entertainment is notorious for putting together legendary girl groups. Remember “Wonder Girls” and the current Queens TWICE and then there’s ITZY, who only debuted three years ago. With the new group, NMIXX, it was promoted in a very unique way. JYP pre-sold the group’s debut single in a limited edition, “Blind Package,” six months before any information about the rookie group was released.
  4. LE SSERAFIM [HYBE and BigHit]BTS is finally getting a sister group! Yes, HYBE and BigHit, are launching a girl group, actually they have 3 to 4 girl groups in the works for 2022, but the one that they are promising us is LE SSERAFIM. This 6-member group will focus on feminine strength with their album “FEARLESS”.
  5. Kep1er
    A completely buzzworthy group, Kep1er, might come from a smaller lesser known label, but these girls have been the talk of the town since their debut on Jan. 3, 2022. The girls actually planned to debut in 2021, but due to Covid that had to be postponed. They’ve also come out of the reality mega TV show hit “GIRLS PLANET 999” and they will definitely be ones to watch in 2022.
  6. CLASSy – “My Teenage Girl” girl group
    Another buzzworthy all girl group, CLASSy, is a 7-member girl group with an international reach and appeal thanks in part to the music survival show “My Teenage Girl.”
  7. MAVE
    Maybe one of the most interesting girl groups to come out this year will be MAVE. The group is courtesy of Metaverse Entertainment and promises to be a 4-member AI girl group. So there you have it you don’t even need to have authentic female human beings to have a girl
    group in 2022.