‘Wicked City’: A new way to kill

There’s a new killer in town, maybe?

ABC’s new murder series, Wicked City, is about a murder investigation that takes place in Los Angeles during the early 80s. And for those who were waiting to see, Ed Westwick back on the small screen, then the premiere of Wicked City was definitely well received. Playing the role of Kent Grainger, the new serial killer to hit the Sunset Strip, Grainger becomes a cold-blooded killer whose victims are only. Yikes!

Like many other killers Grainger lures his victims with his charm, and false identities. Talk about a Ted Bundy copycat. However, Grainger enjoys some Lovin’ before he murders, that’s his weird fetish. There’s also a cop, who is played by Jeremy Sisto. He, like many other “TV cops” likes to play tough, but not tough enough for a murderer like Grainger.

And like every love story, Grainger has found someone who enjoys the same bloody hobby as him. Betty Beaumont (Erika Christensen) becomes the woman who got away, at least for now.

Overall, the serial killer idea is not original, but Wicked City has a different feel to it, it definitely doesn’t compare to Dexter. But for now, Wicked City is the show to watch.

Did you watch the season premiere of Wicked City?

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