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The romance-thriller starring Cuban actor, William Levy, is now available to stream in the US on Amazon Prime.

Originally released exclusively for the Spanish-language streaming app Pantaya. En Brazos de un Asesino follows the story of Sarai (Alicia Sanz), a young woman who escapes captivity from Javier, a powerful drug lord whom her mother sold her to when she was just fifteen years of age. Only to be thrown into the arms of an assassin, when she sneaks into the car of Victor Faust (William Levy), a stranger she saw in the compound, thinking that he will drive her to the border only to realize later that Victor has other things in mind for her.

Victor Faust (Levy) is a handsome, smooth-talking, seductive man – with a hidden agenda. On the night that Sarai used him to escape, Victor – a trained hitman who is part of a secret organization of hitmen – met with Javier to discuss payment for a job. But, unknown to Javier, Victor had already been hired by the same man that Javier wants dead for three times the amount that Javier offered.

Victor’s job is to execute orders, not make decisions on his own. But when Sarai tells Victor that Javier is more likely to kill him when the job is done rather than pay him. He decides to use Sarai as leverage to secure not just the payment Javier promised but also the safety of Cordelia, the kidnapped daughter of the man who hired Victor to kill Javier.

Based on the book Killing Sarai by J.A Redmerski. The story of Sarai and Victor is one of passion, suspense, and danger that spans across the pages of seven books. Directed by Matias Moltrasio, the film is stylish and fast-paced. Spanish actress Alicia Sanz beautifully brings to life the naive heroine, Sarai. Who, after years of captivity and mistreatment, finds her inner strength to take control of her own life – even if it is by following in the footsteps of an assassin. William Levy, known as the telenovela heartthrob, is the perfect blend of a charismatic and brooding killer that will have you thinking, “yeah…I can go along with him.” Yet, while his job is to kill when ordered, he brings a sense of struggle and humanity to the cold-hearted killer.

En Brazos de un Asesino is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Pantaya.