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Local Los Angeles musicians, Willow Crest released some new music and a video this Sunday with Follow You. The music video was directed and edited by Exxy, with Evan Blum behind the camera.

What was suppose to be causal writing meet ups, ended up becoming weekly songwriting therapy sessions towards each other, which would form the foundation of what the music of Willow Crest is all about. Having come out of a divorce for one, and a long term relationship for the other, we wanted to write songs rooted from the unconventional  situations in relationships, which love puts us through. Not just the heartbreaks, but the moments in love where we must stand strong and support our self courage and moving further in the pursuit of happiness. That being ‘reckless’ isn’t always a bad thing and following your heart even if it may hurt someone else doesn’t mean you’re the villain. That following your gut and finding happiness is what life fundamentally is all about.

“We spend so much time caring about what others may think while wondering if we should take the leap of faith, when we should just take it without hesitation. We took a chance on each other, our music, and our vulnerability to one another. Willow Crest’s musical identity is a sonic landscape of the journey it takes to become the person you’ve always envisioned to be; courageous, brave, self loving, and never afraid in embracing the flaws that make us human,” said the member of Willow Crest.  

You can get more information about the group by visiting