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Los Angeles, CA — Women come together this weekend at The Hanger Hercules Campus, in Playa Vista for the Wonder Women Tech event that launched Friday, February 27 and will go on through March 1. This event is specifically design to celebrate women in technology, highlight women
innovators, and leaders in S.T.E.A.M., creating a better world for women
and girls.

Hosts of this 3 day conference include: City of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Controller Ron Galperin, Councilmember Mike Bonin, the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women, and Wonder Women Hacks.

Friday night was known as the kick off event, where several honorees spoke about what this weekend will bring to the Los Angeles community. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke about building a community where women can see themselves in someone else; whether it be a programmer or engineer.

“The next Mark Zuckerberg should be a women in south LA,” expressed Mayor
Eric Garcetti.

This conference will host 14 prominent panels and a over 50 speakers, including, inventors, best-selling authors, award winning scientists, business women, and visionaries.

“We need women in tech because there is studies that show when we have
gender diversity the innovation is actually stronger, there is study
after study that women are good improving the innovation of the company;
well not just women, but all kinds…we need diversity,” said Karen
Catlin, honoree, vice president of Adobe Systems and now advocate for
technical women.

One of the topics that will be brought to light on Saturday will be Crowd Sourcing. Co Founder of the app YURU, Nicole Randall shares:
“ At the panel I will speak all about the power of crowd sourcing, from
my company’s perspective, but also how brands and large companies use
crowd sourcing to build their own brand and better understand their

Women look forward to meeting several professional women in the technology field and hope to build on for a better tomorrow.

“I believe women are inveterately creators and innovators, so as long as
we are able to recognize each other as role models, co-create an ecosystem
where we are supporting other women then we can really start to create
success and build an ecosystem where we are collaborating and naturally
building technology, video content, doing things that will contribute to
social good.” said Lisa Mae Brunson, visionary and co-founder of Wonder
Women Tech.

This conference will bring a lot of attention to young women pioneers and innovators, but the rest will depend on the way society supports it.

“Biggest change I want to see is for people to recognize that we are not
second class and that we can walk in the world just as confident and
fearless as men—and we can have the same pay rates, same opportunities, do
not have to think of ourselves as having to fight for something,” said
Lisa Mae Brunson.

Conference panelists include executives and innovators from Lyft, Google, Microsoft and Adobe, just to name a few.