Wreck-It Ralph Brings The Video Games Past And Present To Create A Unique Film

Wreck-It Ralph
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Walt Disney Animation will release today it latest animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by Academy Award nominated actor John C. Reilly, is the story of a 80’s coin operated video game villain that wants to change his career and be a hero like the games name sake Fix-It Felix Jr voiced by 30 Rocks Jack McBrayer. It took almost 4 years in developing the latest animated film by the Burbank based studio.

During the film Ralph runs into to many iconic video game characters in the film that spans generations of video game fans. “There were certain characters we really wanted like Q*bert and Pac-Man kind of the iconic characters, knowing that it was going to be complicated getting the rights to that we were flexible,” said screenwriter of the film Phil Johnston who recently received an Independent Spirit Award Nomination for Best Screenplay on his work in “Cedar Rapids.”

Clark Spencer the producer of the film said that they way the process got started in getting these iconic characters that they attended E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo in downtown Los Angeles and started building relationships with the companies that owned the rights to these character. “We set a goal on the characters we wanted for the film and pitched a movie,” said Spencer. He added, “One of the big turning points when we went down this path we always shared script ages, models and the animation test and the final animation and once they realized it was a partnership and not just them saying yes you can use my character, I don’t know what your going to do with it, it was going back in forth sharing it.”

Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Toy Story set the path that their can be something interesting and blazed the trail Spencer and Johnston said about the film and getting the characters to add it to be authentic.

Rich Moore directed the film and brought the story and property together to develop a story that flowed

Wreck-It Ralph Small
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with all the pieces involved. Moore who had episodes of “The Simpsons,” “Futurama” and the sequence directed on “The Simpson Movie” discussed the process of finding the voice talent to fit these characters. “We developed the characters and decided the cast in tandem with Johnston developed the story we always discussed what type a person is this.” Moore added “The one that was decided on the quickest was Sarah [Silverman] playing Venellope.” She had innocents and an unpredictability that fits the character Moore said. The challenge Moore said was always reminding everyone what make each of the worlds unique and to tell the animators to do something different which makes the 8-bit character be limited and the others expanded.

Sarah Silverman who played Venellope Von Sweets is from the game Sugar Rush in the film and but is an outcast in her game that eventually finds her way. Her character really matches Silverman’s look and style. Silverman talked about her character, “I think she is kind of an every girl, she is obnoxious and precocious and scrappy but she is tough but like every tough kid she is scared.” Silverman says that it resembled very much her childhood being terrified of things and dealing with insecurities in life. Silverman was very much allowed to be her. We asked Silverman about a line using the word Vurp (vomit and a burp together) line in the film, “That was not an improvisation and in the script, I felt a real kinship with everything that they wrote this part I don’t think was written for me, but it felt like it was made for me.” 

John C. Reilly who played Wreck-It Ralph the lead in the film played for the first time along side her friend Sarah Silverman for the first time. “I was really surprised with Sarah was how good she was on the dramatic stuff in the film,” said Reilly. He was very involved in the development of the character and was very proud of it. He said they wanted him to give as much as you want to give to the character on screen. “It was so much more than I can ever imagine,” said Reilly. Reilly added, “They let me feel I was apart of it, I am really proud of it.” Reilly who mentioned to playing video games when he was younger used that in inspiration of his childhood. One of his favorite games growing up and he remembered the day when Space Invaders coming out and for him the first time you were able to manipulate something on screen. “Those 8-Bit simple games really helped you imagine what you couldn’t see, I think that is why the movie is so creative,” said Reilly.

Wreck-It Ralph comes out in theaters today in 3D and standard theaters across the United States. It is an innovative film that continues in the tradition of great films as Roger Rabbit.

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