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Reggaetón duo Zion & Lennox released their fourth studio album, El Sistema, while celebrating their 20th anniversary since becoming a musical duo. 

The album consists of 14 songs, featuring collaborations with Sech, Myke Towers, De La Ghetto, Rauw Alejandro, Natti Natasha, Lenny Tavárez, Darell, and El Alfa. El Sistema is an album made of love and gratitude from Zion & Lennox to their fans. Along with the album’s release, Zion & Lennox also released the music video for their next single, “Estrella,” featured on the album. 

The music video shows the pair having fun inside a beautiful mansion in Santo Domingo, complete with an infinity pool and waterfalls, surrounded by scantily-clad women dancing along to the song. Although none of them is the real “Estrella” (star), who at first seems unattainable, she ends up making her way to the party as the video progresses. 

In an interview with Billboard, Zion & Lennox talked about their new album and when they knew that they had finally made it big. “ I have so many memories of when I was getting started,” said Lennox. “I remember the first time I was in a music video for my brother Mackie. I snuck into the filming, wore his clothes, and came out dancing. I didn’t even sing with Zion at that time.”

This album was three years in the making, with the track “Sistema” being the first song recorded. “We did a music camp in Medellín in 2018,” said Zion. Adding, “We recorded the first song for the album called “Sistema.” Every time we created a song, everyone went back to how good this one was — and that’s where we made the decision. Besides that, it just made sense. Everything nowadays is digital and has to do with technology. It’s a way for Zion y Lennox to keep modern.”

Included in the album are the previously released singles “No Me Llama” with Myke Towers, “Te Mueves” featuring Natti Natasha, “Gota Gota” together with El Alfa, and “Sistema” record in 2018. An introductory track is also included that serves as a quick compilation of 20 years of hits, gives you the perfect introduction to what you can expect from the album. 

Zion & Lennox, “El Sistema”

When asked which song was their personal favorite, both responded with the track “Estrella,” calling it an “essence and energy” that characterizes them. “This song is like a continuation of all the tracks that we’ve released without any collaboration. We like to specify when it’s a solo track or a collaboration because it gives us strength as a duo. I feel that this song has everything it takes to become our next hit,” said Lennox. “We love the rhythm, from the melodies to a semi-romantic reggaetón. The music video was filmed in the Dominican Republic. It just made sense to be the focus track,” added Zion.

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