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The singer, songwriter, composer and Spanish Sensation, Abhir Hathi released the new single “Mil Dias” (a thousand days) featuring the rapper Delaossa and producer Kiddo Manteca. A movie quality video was released for the song. “Mil Días” becomes the fourth single from his upcoming album “Lazos y Nudos.”

The song is about the journey of love and the experience of intense feelings for someone. These emotions are perceived through Kiddo Manteca’s instrumentals combined with Abhir’s seductive voice and Delaossa’s captivating bars.

Written by Abhir, “Mil Dias” was also produced by KIDDO, Choclock, and Blurred Mirror. The three have previously helped Abhir in creating music to bring songs to life.

The video was shot in the locations of Sierra de Guadarrama. It was produced by Rodrigo de Pablo and Ale Garen, with the song lyrics projecting onto the screen while Abhir and Delaossa paint the audience a picture of what a beautiful experience love can be, until it meets the end of the rollercoaster of a hopeless love.

Abhir has previously released three new singles such as “Reflejos,” which was the fan’s favorite “Perros,” a song that shows Abhir’s deeper side as it portrays the importance of family, friends and fans, along with “Rodeos” with a music video.

The debut “Marea Baja” was released in 2019, with songs such as “Moneyman” and “Pop U.” Chocklock, Recycled J and Cruz Cafune are some of the many artists Abhir has composed for.

Abhir Hathi is signed under the same independent Mexican record Label, SLOWLY. Others signed under this record label are AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Lil Benjas, Beam, La Malilla, Lulu and more.