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On Tuesday the Angels finally revealed their vision for their home which includes 150 acres of parks, shops, and even restaurants. A few weeks ago Los Angeles Angels’ owner, Arte Moreno asked for 30 more days to present his plan for the redevelopment of the Angel Stadiums site and now we know why.

While the plan allows for “flex space” that gives Moreno the option to replace the 1966 Angel Stadium with a new ballpark, he has yet to make his decision. If the decision was to build a complete new park, the plan would be to place it right next to the 57 freeway and closer to the train station. However, if they decide to only renovate, they would open up the outfield in order to turn it into an entrance plaza.

An artist’s rendering of the proposed changes coming to Angel Stadium.
(SRB Management)

On Wednesday, the Anaheim Ducks are expected to unveil their complementary plan that would add up to more than 250 acres. This would accomplish the long awaited wish to establish its so-called “Platinum Triangle.” Together the two sites would create a sports and entertainment powerhouse.

With the investment includes a commitment from both teams to stay in Anaheim. The Ducks through 2048 and the Angels through 2050. The Angels current lease allows them to operate any development done to the site at least until 2029.

“The stadium development plan will realize the vision of the Platinum Triangle decades before the current lease allows. This plan is an important step in creating a driving economic force, while investing in Anaheim’s future,” said Moreno.

This of course would also mean that baseball fans would get a more engaging experience. One would be able to enjoy a meal, drinks, and some shopping as well as book a stay in the hotel that overlooks the stadium.

According to data from a company commissioned report, the billions that the city received from fund revenue and hotel taxes would allow for thousands of job openings as well.

Now, with the idea put out for everyone to hear, the plan is transferred over for a city approval process. Moreno and his team have until the end of September to walk away from the deal.