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Anuel AA continues his conceptual music series for his upcoming third solo album, Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren.

Latin trap superstar, Anuel AA continues his love letter to sports with themed videos to go along with his songs. Following the release of his singles “Leyenda” and “Dictadura,” Anuel continues his conceptual music series for his upcoming third solo album, Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren, with a baseball theme for the new single and video.

Directed by XX and featuring Myke Towers and Jhaye Cortes, “Subelo” continues with the sports theme seen in his earlier releases. Anuel filmed the music video at the Marlins Stadium in Miami, FL, and featured top MLB players such as Robinson Cano, Miguel Rojas, and World Series 2021 winner from the Atlanta Braves Guillermo Heredia.

“For me, having these MLB legends in my video brought my vision to life for my fans to be inspired,” shares Anuel. “The moment during this video felt like I was a baseball legend myself. I truly want my fans to know that the concept overall is to inspire when we fall, we get back up again, and everything is possible.”

The music video and its accompanying single, reference the rockstar lifestyle with its descriptive lyrics, which are brought to life through their visual concepts. Anuel continued his vision by sharing the dialogue that legends never die with their stories and success. And in this video, he honors Roberto Clemente, one of the top Puerto Rican players who has inspired Anuel and the world.

In the first part of his last music video, “Leyenda,” Anuel recreates Michael Jordon’s life in North Carolina, where he attended college and made it to the NBA. Fans are also shown a story log, alongside Jordon’s, of a young college student’s life as a top basketball athlete in love with a girl who has a boyfriend and develops a secret relationship with the school’s ranking player set to be drafted to the majors in basketball.

Both his previous music videos have reached over 100 million views combined on YouTube. While their predecessor, “Dictadura,” has broken several records on the major platforms.

Anuel AA anticipated fourth studio album will be released later this month. Stream “Subelo” on your favorite platform today!