DE BRUTAS, NADA Premieres On Thursday

The nine episode series will be available on the well known Spanish language premium streaming service known as Pantaya. Pantaya has officially released the official trailer and poster for the new comedy series DE BRUTAS, NADA.

The series premieres on September 24, 2020 and will be available to binge in full on October 8, 2020.

Series stars well known actors like Tessa Ía, Christian Vázquez, Marimar Vega, Diana Bovio, Carolina Ramírez , Oswaldo Zárate, José Pablo Minor, and Julián Román. These stars are well known in the spanish industry, and many familiar faces are perfect to help with making sure the audience loves the series even more.

The setting is based in contemporary Mexico City. This is also a crossover series that mainly focuses on a group of six close friends that navigate through every life experience together. Some experiences they all face together are love, lies, heartbreak, marriage, divorce, kids, career, job loss, fights, break-ups, and unbreakable friendships.

This series is intended to be like modern days and features relatable experiences as well as this series is meant to make the audience smile, laugh, and even cry. So be sure to have some tissues near you.

You can stream Pantaya exclusively in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by downloading the app on your mobile phone or at http://www.pantaya.com

If you are a visual person and would love to see a sneak peek of the series DE BRUTAS, NADA here is the official trailer below.

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