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Alexander Garcia better known as El Fantasma (“The Ghost”) will be one of the presenters at Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro.

He is also nominated with three Premio Lo Nuestro in the following categories: Album Of The Year for Guardame Esta Noche, Regional Mexican Artist Of The Year and Regional Mexican Album of the Year for Guardame Esta Noche.

El Fantasma will be dropping his new album Carteles on Friday, February 19. This album will include 10 songs including a collaboration with Austeros de Durango:

  1. El Belico
  2. Los Del Golfo
  3. La Mayiza
  4. La Menchiza
  5. La Chapiza
  6. Los Sonorenses
  7. Somos De Durango
  8. Comando De Guerreros
  9. Cero Amparo
  10. El 21 Ft. Austeros De Durango

MUSE TV and Tatis Iolani were honored to have interviewed El Fantasma. You can see the interview below:

El Fantasma is also known as “The King of the Underground” became a sensation across all social networking platforms in both Mexico and the United States. After the great success of his first single “Mi 45,” he followed up that success with his current single “Vengo a Aclarar.”

In a very short time, the career of this talented artist has taken off because of both the composition and combination of the Tuba and Chords in his Music. This has allowed him to identify with and capture the Ranchera genre audience.

He was born in Las Cañas Durango, and currently resides in Badiraguato, Sinaloa. From an early age he showed that he had a special gift to interpret songs. After a time in his youth, he had desires to undertake projects on a permanent basis in the art world. Through criticisms he promised himself a relevant place in the recording world, as both a composer and interpreter.

In 2016, his first album came with great acceptance. In total he has 4 albums: 1 “Equipo Armado,” 2 “En Vivo Desde Badiraguato,” 3 “Pa’ Los Recuerdos Vol.1,” and the most recent being “Vengo a Aclarar” which opened  up many doors in the industry and revolutionized the corridos genre.

With “Mi 45” and now his second song “Vengo a Aclarar” he continues to establish himself in the Music world. His likes and follows on Facebook and Instagram continue to growing day by day.