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The music might have been hot, but the weather was even hotter at this year’s Governors Ball in New York. Now it is no secret that New York weather is never easy and when you’re at an all day festival the heat plus humidity in the summer months can cause problems. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can be a real problem. That is why hydration is so important for festival promoters and attendees. So this year Governors Ball partnered with the scientifically formulated premium hydration beverage, Electrolit, to help festival-goers beat the heat and stay hydrated.

Electrolit is the go-to hydration and recovery drink for athletes and party-goers as well as those who are recovering from illness and hangovers. With its magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium glucose, and sodium lactate plus six ions for electrolyte absorption formula, Electrolit replenishes the body and remedies its hydro electrolytic imbalance. Though the drink is now known as a thirst quencher and for its recovery properties, it was originally designed to aid individuals recovering from a virus outbreak in Mexico in the 1950s by Pisa Pharmaceuticals.

“One time, I had food poisoning and this is all I drank,” said Angel who was attending Gov Ball for the first time. He added, “it’s good when you’re sick or if you just wanna get hydrated.” He acknowledged that the drink really helped him then and now it is his go to beverage. “I love it. I used to always drink it. I used to live in Mexico and I [would] get these [bottles of Electrolit] all the time.”

Now not everyone was so familiar with Electrolit, but that didn’t stop the drink from making new fans. Shaneika and Nicole, who frequent Governors Ball, admitted this was their first time trying Electrolit. “I like it. It is not as sugary as I thought it would be and it tastes pretty good,” said Nicole. “I saw premium hydration that’s why I walked over here,” remarked Shaneika. They noted how important hydration is to them saying that they never had an incident of fainting, “because we always make sure [to stay hydrated] and Gov Balls is a really great job of promoting hydration… so we always make sure we stay hydrated.” Nicole added in excitement to see Kendrick Lamar, the “crowd is screaming for their favorite artist– you just feel like your energy is up, but at the same time it’s diminishing and so you want to replenish and recharge.”
Someone who almost had an incident was Karizma, who enjoys traveling all the way from Trinidad for the three-day festival. She recalls her first Governors Ball not knowing the importance of hydration and ending up feeling dizzy and dehydrated.

“I wasn’t hydrated enough so … I was sitting with my friends, and I began to feel lightheaded.” She adds, “I held on my friends and I said hold on and I remember being hot. I’m feeling in and out, but after five or 10 minutes passed, I got back to my normal self [after] they dumped water on me, reviving me basically.” Reflecting she said, “I do know how important hydration is now.” She confessed after trying Electrolit’s grape flavor, “It’s good.”

Alysa was also someone trying Electrolit for the first time. She said, “Initially I thought it wasn’t a free sample,” but acknowledged that she was happy it was a free sample. She also noticed that she didn’t have to waste time scanning a QR code and filling out a survey that compromise her privacy or give up space on her phone by having to download an app just to enjoy the festivities at the Electrolit tent. She really like that she could take photos with friends, enjoy a free drink and listen to the music provided by Electrolit without being forced to give up anything.

Moreover, she divulge hydration is very important and that she would probably come back to try more flavors, but for right now she remarks, “I’m just excited to try the drink.”

Becca, Jalyn, and Michael have been enjoying trying Electrolit. Becca admitted, “We came here
on Friday, and this is like the best drink we ever had. We loved it.” Jalyn added, “It’s very hydrating actually… It’s good.” Michael acknowledge that the threesome like to party hard and have a lot of fun at music festivals and they were planning on doing that this evening. He joked, “we came straight here…to get the electrolytes.” All three revealed they’ve been enjoying trying all the different flavors available.

Electrolit is currently available in 15 different flavors with some being zero sugar. Electrolit can be found nationwide in supermarkets and convenient stores as well as online. It is currently offered at Target, Walmart, 7-Eleven, ShopRite or you can purchase by using the link here