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NEWS X MUSE Manny Gomez spoke with Elizabeth and Damian Hurley. Damien is the writer and director for the new Lionsgate thriller, “Strictly Confidential”. This is directorial debut, and stars his mother, Elizabeth who also serves on the film as a producer. The film is now playing in theaters, on demand, and digital.

In our conversation with Elizabeth and Damian about “Strictly Confidential”, they shared with us their excitement about his new film. From Damian’s point of view of bringing his story to life as a filmmaker, and from Elizabeth’s point of view as a mother, lead star, and producer. Would those jobs clash? She talks about it! Damian also shares with us why this story was the right one to tell for his feature debut and what were some of the onset growing pains that he had to go through. It was a fantastic conversation that you can check out above!

Here is the synopsis for Lionsgate’s “Strictly Confidential”

Elizabeth Hurley and Georgia Lock star in a sensual thriller with a devilish twist. On the anniversary of Rebecca’s (Lauren McQueen) death, Mia (Lock) returns to the Caribbean paradise where she and her best friend shared her final days.

As Mia and sets out to unravel the mysterious events of her passing, old passions rise, new secrets are uncovered and Mia is pulled into a seductive world of sex, betrayal and murder.