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Former WWE athlete, Emanuel Rodriguez, known as Kalisto, has launched a new business venture into the world of CBD with Kanndela. The company featured CBD products that are unique and extremely high quality.

Unlike other brands, Kanndela focuses its product line on overall wellness. Among the more unique
products offered by Kanndela is a chocolate-flavored whey protein powder infused with CBD. The
protein powder makes it easy for anyone to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle. An easy to make
protein shake consistently delivers 50 milligrams of CBD and 24 grams of protein per serving via top quality whey concentrate, whey protein isolate, and hydrolyzed whey protein.

“As a world class sports entertainer, road life and injuries were taking a toll on my body,” explains
Emanuel Rodriguez, Former WWE Superstar Kalisto, and Founder of Kanndela. “I was always looking
for ways to naturally recover. CBD transformed my workouts, it helped with my focus, recovery, and
the fitness lifestyle. CBD was so transformative to my workout routine that I created my own line of
CBD products that I use myself and I know works. As part of our product line, we created a one-of-a kind CBD whey protein that combines the benefits of phytocannabinoids, and incorporates nutrition
into an overall wellness regimen. CBD is a game-changer.”

Kanndela’s CBD products are safe and potent. All Kanndela hemp-derived goods have a consistent
and dependable number of cannabinoids. Only US-sourced CBD is used to make each CBD-infused
products. Each batch is third-party tested and certified. Along with CBD-infused protein power and
tinctures, Kanndela offer CBD gummies that are vegan-friendly and come in a variety of delicious
flavours including grape, blue raspberry, lemon, mango, and fruit punch. Each gummy offers 25 mg of
CBD per piece.

“The name of the brand is Kanndela which means ‘to give light.’ It’s more than a name for us. It’s a
philosophy. We discovered what the products can do for us and we want to share that positivity with
others,” explains Rodriguez.

For more information about Kanndela or to browse the full line of products visit