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NEWS x MUSE Michael Sandoval talks with director Gigi Saul Guerrero and actors Victoria Viera and Diego Cornejo about there episode in the return of La Hora Marcada coming to ViX tomorrow.

LA HORA MARCADA is considered a cult series among Spanish-speaking audiences and enjoys enormous prestige in the community of horror creators and fans. This has made it possible to sign established filmmakers and promising young Latin American horror filmmakers to breathe new life into the series. Among these creators are directors such as Gigi Saul Guerrero, Andrés Beltrán, Adrián García Bogliano, Andrés Rothschild, Issac Ezban, Laura Casabé, Lex Ortega, Michelle Garza Cervera and Roque Falabella.

For this version, the creative team began working based on some the original scripts of the 1988 series, and the result is nine episodes that capture and update the essence of the original series for the 21st century, creating a visually unique universe for each episode. Developed by Laura Wils Dávila and produced by Abe Rosenberg, this version features scripts by Latin American writers such as Abia Castillo, Freddy Chávez, Josh Candia, Luis Reséndiz, Ramiro García Bogliano and Tomás Downey.

This horror anthology features Angélica Aragón, Salvador Sánchez, Ana Layveska, Mariana Torres Ofelia Medina, Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Dario Yazbek, Nuria Vega, Hilda Abrahamz Alejandra Ambrossi, Victoria Vieira, Gabriela Reynoso, María Evoli, Agustín Zurita, Andrés Tirado (R.I.P.), Michelle Betancourt, Miguel Pizarro, Paola Miguel, Gabriel Carbajal, Juan Pablo de Santiago, Mercedes Hernández, Boris Schoemann, Ruth Ramos, Isabella Clemesha, Mariané Cartas and Harold Torres.

Watch La Hora Marcada on Vic by following the link here