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Grammy award winning Herb Alpert will release his newest album “Over The Rainbow” on September 20, 2019.

This album is a collection of 12 legendary tracks that have been interpreted by Alpert. The album was recorded in eight months, adding his own take on each track. “This project started like all of the other albums that I have recorded throughout the years, including the Tijuana Brass projects. I am always looking for good melodies to play and if it is a familiar song that I am working on, I’ll try to do it in a way that it’s never been heard before.” He also says, “When choosing songs, I look for something that makes you feel good, I have learned to become an audience to my own music and listen to what creates feelings that stop and call you.”

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The first song on the album is an original co-written and produced by Alpert called ‘Skinny Dip.’ He believes in having fun while making music, “Original songs must have a melody that is fun for me to play, like Skinny Dip, a little quirky, but fun. While having fun making new music, he also knows the significance of working on classics, “It’s always a bit dangerous to tackle a song like ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow, that has the iconic Judy Garland recording (and many other great recordings) but I like this version and the way that it starts with Michael Shapiro singing part of the opening refrain and the beautiful orchestration by Eduardo del Barrio.”

Many of the songs have a closer meaning for Alpert like ‘Wonderful World’ He says, My intention was not to cover his record, but to show how it had an international impact and to highlight the power of music as a tool to help us understand each other and bring more light into the world, so that peace will have a much better chance to survive.”

The pre-order for the album is available now. The first single “Skinny Dip and the second single “Fantasy” are available for instant download when the pre-order the album on iTunes and Amazon. The full album will be available on all digital outlets on September 20.