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On this episode of Hey Han, Hannah Fletcher interviews at VidCon with ViralNation talent, Deison and Drew Afualo. The girls reminisce on their initial journeys into the content creation space, as well as key highlights of both Deison and Drew’s careers.

Drew Afualo, best known as TikTok’s “Crusader of Women,” is a part of the new Hollywood’s next generation of rising stars. From her hilariously witty content to her no-BS approach to shoveling misogyny out of the TikTok app via viral takedowns, Drew is taking female empowerment to new levels. Beyond her content on TikTok, Drew has stepped into the world of entertainment by launching two media platforms — a new show called The Comment Section with Drew Afualo and Two Idiot Girls, the latter of which is a podcast she co-hosts with her sister Deison Afualo.

Deison Afualo is a talented and entertaining LGBTQ+ influencer who has made a name for herself on both Instagram and TikTok with her comedic rants and daily vlogs. Along with her sister Drew Afualo, she hosts a comedy podcast called “Two Idiot Girls,” where they react to hilarious and embarrassing stories submitted by fans. Deison was also part of the highly successful “Two Idiot Girls Tour,” where they sold out over 350 tickets per show. Her quick wit, humour, and relatable content have made her a popular figure among her followers and fans.

“Hey Han” is a show centered all around positivity, with moments of reflection from life lessons that Hannah has accrued. On the show she also interviews up-and-comers, as well as celebrities, that are making fruitful strides in their careers, as they speak on their journey and processes that led them to where they are today.

Hannah Fletcher

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