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Seven of the world’s top emerging fashion designers. Including Collina Strada, Mowalola, Gypsy Sport, Freak City, Mimi Wade, My Mum Made It, and BruceGlen they will be hosting a full immersive and digital experience of the runway show. So make sure to grab your popcorn and put on your best outfit because the Virtual Fashion Show will be streamed on IMVU’s YouTube channel and Instagram Live starting at 1pm PST on Thursday, May 27 and Friday, May 28. 

All of the designers’ digital items will be available for purchase by IMVU players starting Friday, May 28. Select exclusive items will be featured for auction as NFTs on IMVU’s OpenSea marketplace. After purchase, the NFTs can then be modeled in the IMVU Metaverse.

A Metaverse is just another way of saying a virtual world, or look at something almost in 3D version. Which is a whole new way of seeing things closer up. Technology is crazy right? 

IMVU will also bring fashion designs to a whole other level of experience that has probably not been explored until now. The event will feature custom digital rooms built on the IMVU platform for designers to debut pre-collections and other digital items that could never be created in real life. The event will also feature well-known fashion icon Princess Gollum interacting with fans and commenting on the collections. 

“We want to show the world that real life fashion drives meaningful connection, creativity and expression in virtual worlds too. At IMVU, we’re proud to be pioneers in digital fashion and we are excited to work with these incredibly talented designers to bring their vision to life for our millions of users around the globe,” said Senior Director of Marketing, Lindsay Anne Aamodt at IMVU. 

Aamodt continued, “Being able to host a fashion show on our platform unlocks access to experiences for a wider group of diverse communities. We want to show everyone that it’s easy for anyone to create unique fashions and market them on IMVU to make real money with the creator tools we provide. We are so excited for this event, and we hope our community and designers alike are able to find meaningful experiences together.” 

Unique pieces from the designers’ collections will be sold as NFTs for purchase following the show on IMVU’s OpenSea marketplace. These novelty pieces under each brand label offer access to those who are high fashion fans to be able to purchase one-of-a-kind items from their favorite brands. 

“It was a great opportunity to do something fun to showcase our pre-collection and have access to a whole other community that wouldn’t necessarily know about the brand,” says Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada. “I’ve always wanted to create our own animals and this was a great partnership for this.” Collina Strada NFTs will be sold on Hic Et Nunc in order to adhere to the brand’s commitment to sustainability. 

To learn more about IMVU and its Virtual Fashion Show, please visit the website at or on social media via Instagram and YouTube.