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Korean Rock Band, DAY6 3rd Full Length Album <The Book of Us : Entropy> was released worldwide simultaneously at 5:00AM (EST) / 6:00PM (KST) today. 

“Our new album is a hotpot of all of our creative ideas. Most of the Bside tracks were created individually, with separate producers, resulting in a fun mix of genres” the band says in a joint statement. The quintet are coming hot off the U.S. leg of their ‘GRAVITY’ World Tour, with high energy performances across 7 cities, for a total of 9 shows. 

<The Book of Us : Entropy> contains 11 tracks, all of which were written and/or produced by members Young K (Vocalist and Bassist), Jae (Vocalist and Guitarist), WONPIL (Vocalist and Keyboardist), and SUNGJIN (Vocalist and Guitarist). Young K specifically wrote the lyrics to 8 of the 11 tracks.

The lyrics written throughout tracks 1-6 portray the sweet moments of two humans in a relationship, however, tracks 7-11 focus on tougher times in said relationship.  Side A and Side B of the Album represent the opposite sides, emotions, and moments, when dating. <The Book of Us : Entropy> is DAY6’s second installment of <The Book of Us> Series, following the last mini-album.

DAY6 continues their own discourse with this new album, focusing on the relationships between human beings. Previous work described mutual attraction and excitement, as natures Gravity. For this album, “Entropy” is functioned as a scientific metaphor of the changing of someone in love. Title track, “Sweet Chaos,” is the fastest BPM song ever recorded by DAY6, with DOWOON on the drums, was composed by Jae, SUNGJIN, WONPIL, andYoung K wrote the lyrics. “Sweet Chaos” is showcasing this overall theme by comparing love to the laws of thermodynamics; where the more heat energy you put on, the more disorder you get [=Entropy]. “Our video for “Sweet Chaos” represents the sweet as well as the chaotic sides of love. Going from black and white to color showing a transition of emotion” the band further explains.

Taking a closer look at the lyrics; the storyline is about meeting a loved one, having your everyday life collapse, but somehow at the same time, the person singing and feeling these emotions, still likes every chaotic moment. “Because of you, I’m losing control. It’s a sweet chaos, since you’ve entered the stage. My life, dream, future and everything, have been changed. But I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and the days that are changing. I like them. It makes me go crazy. It’s a sweet chaos”