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Exploring new ways to bring music to the hearts of their fans and to share the experience of live music, La Gusana Ciega, one of the key figures in the Alternative Rock scene of Mexico, has found the most suitable and completely virtual way. The group presents INVASIÓN LGC: a remote but very personal gathering with their fans starting on August 7, 2020.

It is not to replace live concerts, nor a temporary solution in which we return to the normality of the past. It is a WELCOME TO THE FUTURE and the possibilities it gives us. It’s about discovering and taking advantage of the resources we have to create a series of unique sessions of music and interaction where the band can enjoy the intimacy they experience in a recording studio or rehearsal room and at the same time share this same intimacy with their fans. It is a space that they have never had access to before and of which they will now be an important element.

INVASIÓN LGC season 2020 will be presented exclusively in 5 THEMATIC SESSIONS where you will be able to interact remotely with the band and accompany them while exploring new versions of their songs, set lists that they have not played live, complete albums with images and memorabilia of the recordings.

“This AUGUST 7 at 8:30 pm MEXICO time, WE WILL LEAVE OUR HOMES TO INVADE YOURS with the first session of ‘CHOOSE THE SET LIST’ where we invite you to choose from a list of 30 songs the 15 we will play that night. Voting will be done through starting on July 20th and will close minutes before the show starts,” the group tells us.

The band has decided to do it truly live, with all the technological risks that this implies to preserve the real interaction with their fans and live in the moment together.

This is not the first time that La Gusana Ciega has reinvented their shows and performances. In March of this year, the group performed in an acoustic show at the Santander Center for the Performing Arts in Guadalajara Jalisco, performing new versions of their best songs. Accompanied by Madame Recamier, the concert had a 360 format and an exclusive concert for 300 people, acquiring a magical touch thanks to the intimacy that was achieved between the band and its audience.

Four of those songs were recorded to treasure the memory of the magic that was lived that night; capturing the sensitivity of what it means to connect with their audience. Those songs are currently already available on all digital platforms. In these times when LGC face-to-face concerts seem far away, they allow us to enjoy their live music and accompany us in the hope of returning to the stage. While that normality returns, La Gusana Ciega invites you to be part of LA INVASIÓN LGC. More information: