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With little to no outside stimulation, many of us were left to let our imagination run wild during quarantine. Some of us consequently romanticized crushes until they, well, crushed us.

If your quarantine sorrows fit into this category, or you’re lovesick no matter what the state of the world is, here’s Spencer.

The R&B, hip-hop, indie rock inspired artist has been releasing tracks since 2018, but has just recently started to pick up traction.

In his latest single, “Lonely As I Ever Was”, Spencer. serenades anyone and everyone who has ever sported a bruised heart. 

The range of his inspirations are showcased masterfully in the single, with all instruments standing out yet flowing perfectly together. From the guitar strumming, to the drum beat, to the bass lines, Spencer. showcases what makes him a stand out artist. 

Spencer.’s sweet vocals will have most listeners swooning, or maybe crying, along.

Listen to Spencer. here.