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Grammy-nominated Panamanian duo Los Rakas are back with a new collaboration with Soulection, Team Supreme affiliate and producer Mr. Carmack titled “Déjala”, released today.

“Déjala” is an infectious, psychedelic cut that showcases the synergy between Los Rakas and Mr. Carmack.

In sharing about the single, Raka Dun says, “When we were making ‘Déjala’, we decided to try LSD to tap into a new creative mindset. Raka Rich and I went on a spiritual musical journey creating this one. It was definitely an experience.”

“Mr. Carmack is the homie, and we wanted to create something that blended our two worlds. ‘Déjala is a good representation of that,” shares Raka Rich. To accompany the release, the group are releasing a lyric visualizer that embodies the trippy vibes of the song.

Los Rakas is comprised of cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun, pioneering Panamanians by way of the Bay Area on the frontier of a new Latin urban sound. Known for their fresh mix of hip-hop, plena, reggae and dancehall music; the Grammy-nominated duo represents the cutting edge of Pan-American flows. Taking their name from the Panamanian word “Rakataka,” a negative slur used to describe someone from the ghetto, Los Rakas have set out to inspire fellow “Rakas” by empowering them to become successful despite their circumstances.