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Music was Mary J. Blige’s guide and what ultimately saved her life. The “Real Love” singer, producer, and actress who has achieved nine Grammys, been nominated for an Academy Award, and acted in feature films, encompasses much more than her well-known accomplishments. Music was her gateway and was instrumental in helping her deal with challenges she faced during her early years.

Her discography reflects the emotion and passion of feelings she experienced while growing up in New York’s housing projects. Such emotion was mirrored in her view of her childhood neighborhood as a prison, where bad occurrences took place. Ms. Blige speaks on how her darkest moments have shaped her as an individual. She goes into detail about her own pain, depression, and loss of desire to go on living.

Ms. Blige is an inspiration to women, especially young black women, who have faced adversity and experienced similar struggles in their life. Although the documentary focuses on the trials and tribulations of a famous black woman, the documentary’s magnitude reaches all individuals who have or continue to experience extremely challenging circumstances in their environment which limit and negatively impact their life. The message of this documentary is to “keep going” in life, despite the hardships because it provides the motivation that one can overcome their challenges and succeed in life. 

Ms. Blige is a powerful model for everyone to see the “light” within themselves. You do not want to miss Mary J. Blige’s My Life documentary, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Vanessa Roth to be aired Friday, June 25th, on Amazon Prime.