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The collectible app VeVe has announced an exciting partnership with MGA Entertainment which will now be a part of the collectible digital app to celebrate L.O.L Surprise Day (7.07 upside down).

As L.O.L Surprise is entering the world of digital collectibles, it will allow fans to collect some of their favorite L.O.L. dolls and characters, but in exquisite 3D models which are animated and interactive. The great thing about this feature is that families can enjoy the experience together, making L.O.L Surprise! the first product produced for younger audiences. But, more importantly, is the expansion of the VeVe community, and many collectors are parents.

The Co-Founder & CEO of VeVe, David Yu, made a statement about the collaboration with the famous toy brand, which he is excited to include are collectibles where young fans can interact with their favorite characters.

“This is a very exciting step to be partnering with the world’s largest toy brand, and we look forward to offering a new and exciting way for fans to play and engage,” says Yu. “With hundreds of thousands of satisfied adult fans, we look forward to creating offerings for younger fans.”

Also, Isaac Larian, CEO & Founder of MGA Entertainment, had a few words to say since the company will have a unique way of using toys and technology at once to create a new experience.

We are very excited to be working with a company that, like MGA, creates unique ways to experience the world of fandom. Combining technology with toys has been successful for us in the past, and we are looking forward to even more success with Veve,” said Larian.

VeVe has been downloaded more than 350,000 times and sold about 580,000 NFT digital collectibles and is a great addition to collectors who are parents can enjoy these digital collectibles alongside their kids. MGA Entertainment is known for creating innovative proprietary and licensed products such as; toys, games, dolls, consumer electronics, home décor, stationery, and sporting goods. More importantly, many are already familiar with brands other than L.O.L Surprise, which features Little Tikes, Bratz, Rainbow High, Na! Na! Na! Surprise and Zapf Creation.

Veve mentions that the L.O.L. Surprise and other MGA collectibles series details will be revealed in the coming weeks, including the drop date. Included in the platform’s plans is to becoming the first-ever carbon neutral NFT, committed to 100% carbon neutral NFTs that will offer grants to environmental nonprofits to fund money for causes.