Mondo Teams Up With VeVe For New NFT Drop During Comic-Con @ Home

It looks like the digital collectibles app Veve can be full of surprises when it comes to new partnerships and collectibles. The platform announced a collaboration with Mondo featuring an exciting, unique NFT collectible based on a beloved film classic.

Mondo, best known for creating limited posters, soundtracks, and other pop culture-based content, announced that the platform would feature 2D artwork inspired by classic films Back to The Future and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The artwork will be available at this year’s virtual Comic-Con@Home convention, for fans of the classic films to purchase.

The CEO of VeVe, David Yu, is excited to make this collaboration happen since Mondo is known for working with the entertainment industry and creating amazing artwork from everyone’s pop culture favorites, thus making this a new feature for fans to enjoy and interact with.

“Mondo has collaborated with the top film studios in the entertainment industry and continues to provide exciting, new, movie-based collectibles to fans all around the world,” says Yu. “We are very excited to have Mondo as a partner to create top-tier digital collectible content that fans will enjoy and cherish for many years to come.”

The Co-Founder & Creative Director of Mondo, Mitch Putnam, shared his take on becoming part of Veve’s growing community of new NFT’s and digital collecting. “We’d been looking for the right partner in the NFT space for the better part of the year, and we couldn’t be happier to land at VeVe,” said Putnam. “From the very first time we talked, it just felt right. We are so excited to be part of their thriving community, and we look forward to many releases together.”

Back to The Future and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure are two of the most popular films involving time travel that fans have come to enjoy. The 2D digital collectibles are available now exclusively on the VeVe app during Comic-Con@Home.

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