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Natti Natasha is set to perform on her own for the first time at this year’s Billboard’s Latin Music Award show. The new mother, who welcomed her first baby back in May, told the press in an interview following rehearsals for her upcoming performance that it’s both an accomplishment and another challenge for her. “I feel like the fans have been waiting for this moment. I hope that people will have fun and enjoy it. I’m coming with a new version of a very well-known explosive song, but it’s very explosive. So the only thing that matters is for everyone to enjoy and have fun,” said the Dominican singer.

When asked how she finds a balance in her life, especially after the year we’ve just had, Natti Natasha explains that she has always manages to find a balance thanks to the help of her team.

“I feel like”my family has always been part of my career, so that balance has always been there,” she says. “A new member was added to the family, who is Vida, and I really have an excellent work team and partner whom we work together. Even though there are those that say not to mix work with personal life, for me, it has worked out wonderfully. I count on a lot of people who help me, and one way or another when someone has things that they love such as my career and my baby, one always finds the time and is organized.”

Following her interview with the press, Natasha sat down with Un Nuevo Dia host Adamari Lopez for Billboard Latin Music Week, a three-day event of panels with industry insiders, and spoke of the dream her daughter inspired in her.

“Being an ex”mple is always something I will do for my baby and for all the girls who are out there and want to try anything in any field because they have to work for it. Nothing is free,” the singer”shares. “I am in a m”ment in my life where I have been number one, but I keep working. The most important thing for me is for people to connect with what I’m doing. FI’mher [Vida] to see that of her mom. For her to see that everything I have worked for has been for the people. Being popular with the people. For people to connect with my lyrics and with what I’m doing. II’mel that is the real prize I could ever have and the best example I could ever give Vida.”

Natasha shares how grateful she is to be able to break barriers in the Latin industry as a female singer in the Urban genre. It used to be unusual for an artist to be pregnant and in the game at the same time, however after her performance on Jimmy Fallon where she showed her bare baby bump as she and Becky G performed “Ram Pam Pam,” Natasha took a stand. “I”m not going to ask permission to be happy and do what I love at the same time,” she shared. “It’s a great message for woman to know that you can achieve what you put your mind to,” she added.

Her new album NattiVidad is set to be released on Friday, September 24, in which she features collaborations with Nio Garcia, Farina, Cazzu, and Maluma. One such collab is with Maluma, who teased the track, called “Imposible Amor,” on Instagram.

The single will be available to stream tomorrow during the Billboards Latin Music Awards.