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NBA season has been suspended “until further notice” after a Utah Jazz player tested positive Wednesday for the coronavirus.
Instead of playing with no fans in the arenas, there will now be no games at all. The player that tested positive is believed to be the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert, after a source told Associated Press.

On Thursday, ESPN reported that Donovan Mitchell, another Jazz player has also tested positive for the coronavirus. The Utah Jazz was tested and held overnight in OKC after their games against the Oklahoma City Thunder were postponed.

ESPN reporter Royce Young tweeted, “They would have two planes ready… One positive test charter plane and one negative test charter plane.”
“The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice,” the league stated on November 11th around 9:30p.m. EDT.

“It’s a very serious time right now,”Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra stated. “I think the league moved appropriately and prudently and we’ll all just have to monitor the situation and see where it goes from here.”
Many NBA players have took their feelings of disappointment public via twitter. Former Laker star Metta World Peace tweeted,
“You all will get through this.

On a lighter note , @Lakers had the ring this year . What you think ?
This was my favorite @NBA season I’ve ever witnessed”
Laker Lebron James also chimed in, “Man we cancelling sporting events, school, office work, etc etc. What we really need to cancel is 2020!” He tweeted. “Damn it’s been a rough 3 months. God bless and stay safe”

With 259 games left in the season, no one knows if or when things will resume.