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Talented and on the rise artist, Neithan released his latest single “Desconocidos” alongside the popular Tik Tok star Diego Vela. Neithan is creating a unique style in the new generation of latin pop music. Both Neithan and Diego sing about modern relationships, dating and meeting someone new through social media while learning to keep things low key.

The song “Desconocidos” starts by setting the tone of the song with the lyrics “We don’t follow each other on Instagram.” The two continue the song as they talk about seeing or dating someone although they don’t follow each other on social media or do any interaction such as liking each other’s content and they ways they keep things to themselves and out of the public.

“When I write, I tend to do it based on my experiences or life situations and this song is no exception. I think it’s a super relatable situation. We have all had at least one relationship or fling that was better kept a secret and super low key for no one to find out,” said Neithan.

Slowly Distro is an independent label and distributor from Monterrey, Mexico which Neithan is distributed from. Slowly Distro is founded by Adrian Be, Phynx and Zizzy.