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Prince Royce and Natti Natasha worked together earlier this year on the song, “Antes Que Salga El Sol.” The romantic ballad between the Dominican artists is about two people who are looking for a good time after reconnecting. Filmed in Miami, Fl, and directed by Carlos Perez, the music video has an intimate and enchanting feel, that shows the beauty of opposites attracting. 

In an interview with the press, held right after his rehearsal for his Billboard Latin Music Awards performance this Thursday, Prince Royce told reporters that another collaboration between him and Natti Natasha was in the works. “I would love to! We have one in the works,” he tells the press. “We already did ‘Antes Que Salga El Sol’ which was an incredible song, and we have already talked about doing a bachata one together so hopefully soon.”

PREMIOS BILLBOARD DE LA MÚSICA LATINA 2021 — “Rehearsals” — Pictured: Prince Royce on stage at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, FL on September 20, 2021 — (Photo by: John Parra/Telemundo)

Royce is nominated for five BLM awards, including; Latin Airplay Song of the Year – “Carita de Inocente,” Tropical Artist of the Year, Solo, Tropical Song of the Year – “Caita de Inocente,” Tropical Song of the Year – “Loteria,” and Tropical Albums of the Year – Alter Ego

“It’s always an honor for me to be nominated and to celebrate the music, and to be present and to represent my culture,” he says. “I hope to be able to win at one at least, but I’m happy to be here as always and to be working hard.”

Aside from being a nominated guest, Royce is also scheduled to perform on stage. He tells the press that his performance will be entertaining and enjoyable. “The idea for the performance is to use a lot of colors as we did in the video. The idea is to be fun, vibrant, and colorful. My goal is to project that, that night. To project color, happiness, fun vibes, that’s what we are gonna try to do. “

PREMIOS BILLBOARD DE LA MÚSICA LATINA 2021 — “Rehearsals” — (Photo by: John Parra/Telemundo)

Since 2017, Latin music has taken the world by storm, and proven that music truly is a universal language. Artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Maluma, Natti Natasha, Rosalia, and many more, will all be at the Watsco Center in Miami, Fl, on Thursday night and are considered to be the leaders of the current wave in Latin music.

“I think the industry is in a great moment. Latin music has grown so much, so many new artists being discovered all the time and there’s new music coming out more frequently,” he says. “I think for me as an artist is to keep enjoying what I do, to keep innovating and working with other artists to keep collaborating which is what people like. Covid has changed the world and the music, but I think our job is to keep bringing passion to the things we like, to keep trying new things, and to get the audience to enjoy the music and performances in any way we can. Whether it be in person or through zoom, we make it work!”

When asked what he would be wearing on the red carpet for his big night, Royce admitted that he missed the days of Zoom because he wouldn’t have to worry about his attire. “I’m coming in pj’s because there won’t be any press right?” he asked. “There will be press? I thought the red carpet was going to be from home. Yeah, we can’t do it from home anymore? I liked doing Zoom’s from home,” he jokingly admitted to the press.

For more of Prince Royce’s interview, and how he really felt about working from home, click the video below. The 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards air Thursday, Sept 23 on Telemundo.

Watch the video below to hear what Natti Natasha had to say about her latest album and more!