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This past weekend LA’s first and only horror-themed pop-up bar, Rated R: A Horror Speakeasy, returned. Rated R is a haven for all horror movie fans. The Speakeasy included a full bar with horror-themed drinks, horror movie screenings, aerial acrobats (elevAtion Aerial Dance), go-go dancers, pinball machines, local vendors and of course, an array of monsters. The event took place on Friday & Saturday, July 12th & 13th to a sold-out crowd. Rated R is the brainchild of Graham Skipper and Meyer2Meyer Entertainment. 

Graham Skipper is an actor/writer/director/producer of horror films and best known for originating the role of Herbert West in Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL. His directorial debut, SEQUENCE BREAK is out now on Shudder. Graham also produced the horror-themed circus rock show SHAPESHIFTER: THE CARNIVAL UNDERNEATH with his aerialist wife, Jordann Baker. Meyer2Meyer consists of Justin & Melissa Meyer, a married couple who have been in the L.A. horror business for over a decade, acting as the Creative Director and C.O.O. for the LOS ANGELES HAUNTED HAYRIDE. They also developed live-marketing events for Warner Brothers, DC Universe, Netflix, Starz, and Epic Games. Like previous Rated R events, the location of the speakeasy remains secret until you purchase a ticket. Once you purchase your ticket, the address of the event appears on the ticket. The most recent event took place on an industrial block in Glendale. Aside from a security guard by the door, there was no indication of any party. The building looked like an old empty warehouse, but once inside that quickly changed.

Reagan from The Exorcist took the stage and danced with guests

Once in the door, you are greeted by a slew of mannequins dressed in costumes from various horror movies that are bathed in neon green lights reminiscent of Argento’s Suspiria. To get to the actual main room guests are ushered through a hallway constructed by wardrobe racks full of costumes. Monsters and killer clowns jumped out at guests as they made their way to the party. Rated R consisted of a few different rooms. The main room hosted the bar, aerial dancers and pinball machines. In another room, guests danced to the tunes handpicked by DJ Jonah Rey while horror movies were screened on multiple movie screens. There was also a smaller room decked out with gothic love seats for the spooky romantics in the crowd. Lastly, there was an outdoor patio where local artists and vendors including The Pretty Cult sold their horror-themed work. Kitchen Gangstas served up delicious food and there was even a confession booth in case anyone felt like divulging all their hidden vices. 

We loved the apparel and accessories from The Pretty Cult

This event was a blast and we can’t wait for the next one! To sign up for future Rated R events make sure to visit their website: