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Collaboration Alert – Rochy RD’s iconic “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” (She Is Not Yours), alongside Latin GRAMMY nominees Myke Towers a Puerto Rican Rapper and Nicki Nicole, an Argentine rapper.

“Ella No Es Tuya” (She Is Not Yours) original version was originally released in July 2020, becoming viral in the Dominican Republic as it went beyond 38 million views on YouTube with the attention-getting chorus: “Ella no es tuya, te vendió sueño, dice que no tiene dueño, cuando está contigo eso es lo más bello, lo mismo que hace con ellos” (She isn’t yours, she sold you a dream. She says she belongs to no one. When she’s with you everything is beautiful, she does the same thing with others.) It also generated 3.1 milllion Spotify streams and more than 15,100 TikTok videos.

Co-written by the trio themselves and being produced by Nata Record and Nicael will create an international sensation and introduction to Rochy RD’s vocal ability. Myke Towers includes his street flow whereas Nicki Nicole provides a woman’s point of view, as she defends her freedom by not letting others influence who she spends time with. Each singer contributes a rare, unique harmony as they sing in the chorus.

The “Ella No Es Tuya Remix,” features scenes from the Dominican Republic streets as Rochy RD rides alongside Myke Towers, playing video games. The pandemic and the distance, were not an excuse to stop the music video from being recorded. Nicki Nicole recorded her own scenes in Argentina which were directed by her friend Jess “La Polaca” Praznik.

The Remix single is available through Sony Music Latin in collaboration with Vulcano Music on all digital-music outlets. The music video can be found on Rochy RD’s YouTube Channel.