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Bringing together two of Latin Music’s hottest artists and current global streaming forces. Rosalía and Ozuna release their single “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi.”

Produced by Rosalia herself, along with El Guincho and Frank Dukes. This distinct pan-Caribbean sound with its sound of steel drums interweaves, perfectly into a relaxed Urbano vibe that is a perfect fit with her famed Puerto Rican duet partner.

Ozuna is a multi-award-winning Puerto Rican singer/songwriter who is one of leaders in the new wave of Latin music for the generation. Earlier this year, he made history by becoming the single biggest finalist in the history of the Billboard Latin Music Awards with 23 nominations in 15 categories. His previous two albums, “Odisea” and “Aura,” both topped the Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums at No.1.

Rosalía’s who has a track record for distinctive and engaging videos, which have earned her multiple MTV VMA nominations, including “Best New Artist”. Continues to do so, in the video for “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi.” Capturing a natural chemistry between the two chart-topping stars, while of course keeping a number of Rosalía’s trademark visual icons. Such as; her long nails, singing behind the wheel of a fast dream car, and more unmistakable, drum-tight Flamenco inspired choreography.

Her landmark album “El Mal Querer” was released to immediate critical and commercial success. With its groundbreaking fusion of classic Flamenco with R&B and electronic beats, coupled with Rosalía’s nod to the visual arts, fashion and choreography. It was strongly embraced by fans across the globe and getting the attention of the music industry very quickly.

Most recently Rosalía has continued her accelerated ascent to global stardom with an appearance alongside James Blake on his “Barefoot in the Park” single release, and three other previous releases of her own. With the recent double track of “Milionària & “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero,” “Aute Cuture” and her widely praised, and frequently titled ‘Song of the Summer’ pick “Con Altura” with J Balvin and featuring El Guincho. The video for Con Altura has been the most-watched video from a female lead artist, with now over 700 million views and has reached #1 on YouTube’s Global music video chart.

Since its release late Wednesday night, the video has already reached 7.3 million views on Youtube.

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