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Reggeaton has been the Latino sound, taking the world by storm. Launching to stardom artist like; J Balvin, Maluma, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Karol G and many others. However, Mexican rapper Sabino. Is introducing the world to a new sound, “Sab-Hop.”

Wiith over 50 million streams and 65 million views on his official Youtube channel. “Sab-Hop”, is a carefree, light musical sound, and with a seductive tone of intelligent pop that distinguishes him from the rest of the rappers in the country. In an exclusive interview with MuseTV, Sabino spoke about how “Sab-Hop” came to flourish.

When I began doing music, my rapper friends would tell me ‘that’s not hip-hop…you don’t live hip-hop…you don’t know it.’ And I told them ‘your right’ so I decided to start calling what I do, Sab-Hop, my name and hip-hop combined. And then people started to listen to it, people who didn’t really listen to hip-hop before and now this genre that I nicknamed just for fun, is now a lifestyle for many people.

Each song that this Tapatío rapper premieres is a new exercise of imagination; simple and entertaining with attention to details that touch real fibers of the Mexican idiosyncrasy, adapting its environment and social reality to the contemporary music.

Appearing on the musical map in 2012 when he released a series of songs that helped shape his musical proposal. In 2016 he released his single “Me Puse Pedo” that began his rapid ascent within Mexico’s independent industry. Collaborating with artists such as Lng/SHT and Fer Casillas on songs like “Los Raros de la Clase” and “Nueve Quince” respectively, His songs quickly became favorites of his audience and hymns that accompany #SabHop in its solidification as a genre.

The video for his song “Yin-Yang,” which inspired the name of his most recent album “Yin.” Has over 3 million views. The video directed by Floria González and featuring Melissa Robles from “Matisse”, Leonel Garcia and Dhasia Wezka. Shows the battle between the YIN and YANG clans for the love and attention of a beautiful girl.

With a trajectory for Latin artist that shows no signs of ending. This genre creator is hoping to take “Sab-Hop” far beyond the music, within the next five years. “Im producing a series and I would really like to take ‘sab-hop’ far, get many people to listen and like.”

You can listen to Sabino’s album “Yin” on streaming service, out today! And check back to MuseTV, for more on this rising talent.