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SeaWorld San Diego is hosting “Inside Look” from January 13 to January 21, where park visitors get special access to areas that are not open to the general public. This event, included with park admission, allows guests to explore the Rescue Center, hear from animal care specialists, and learn about rescued animals. Among the exclusive experiences are a new Aquarium Lab Jellyfish Tour, where visitors can see moon jellyfish, interact with archer fish, and cleaner shrimp.

Guests also can opt for the “Inside Look Dine with Animals” experience, enjoying a buffet meal while learning about rescued marsupials, primates, and reptiles. Animal Care Inside Look offers daily presentations on animal behaviors, feeding, and husbandry at various locations within the park. The Inside Orca Care Program, a paid upgrade, provides insights into caring for killer whales through a learning and training session.

The SeaWorld Rescue Center opens its doors during the event, offering tours of the rehabilitation areas and sharing stories about recent rescues. The Turtle Reef exhibit allows guests to watch zoological scuba divers interact with turtles, and at the Nautilus Amphitheater, the “Feathers, Scales, and Furry Rescue Tails” presentation introduces unique rescued animals.

The event also features conservation partners, with booths from organizations like Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and the Surfrider Foundation. Guests can pick up an Inside Look passport for special stamps at designated locations.

SeaWorld San Diego emphasizes its commitment to education and wildlife conservation, inviting visitors to take inspiration from their experiences and make positive changes in their daily lives. The annual pass for 2024 offers various benefits, including unlimited year-round admission, free parking, guest tickets, and savings on merchandise.

The event schedule is subject to change, and visitors can check the daily schedule on for updates.