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MUSE TV recently talked with the legendary musician Sergio Mendes about Sergio Mendes & Friends: A Celebration airing on PBS in June.

SERGIO MENDES & FRIENDS: A CELEBRATION, a joyfully tuneful salute to the pioneering Brazilian musical artist – producer, composer, keyboardist, vocalist – and Oscar-nominated songwriter will make its world premiere as part of special programming on PBS stations in June 2021. This program, presented by WNED PBS, was created especially for PBS and is derived from the forthcoming feature documentary Sergio Mendes: In The Key Of Joy by acclaimed filmmaker John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs John Lennon, Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, and The Happy Days of Garry Marshall). The deal was negotiated by WNED PBS and the film’s distributor Brainstorm Media.

The documentary special features the singer telling much of his story in his own words. He is joined onscreen by such friends and collaborators as Herb Alpert, Common, Lani Hall (lead singer of Brasil ’66), Quincy Jones, John Legend, Gracinha Mendes (Sergio’s lead singer since 1971 and his wife of 46 years), Jerry Moss, Carlos Saldhana (Oscar®-nominated filmmaker of Rio) and singer/songwriter/producer These friends offer unique perspectives on the man and his music, with plenty of the latter, including recordings and performances from nearly every phase of Sergio’s career.

You can watch Sergio Mendes & Friends: A Celebration on KCET Los Angeles on June 9 and June 11 or click the link to see when it airs in your area