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Slow Coming Day has announced their release date as well as a tease linking their music video for their newly released song. The nationwide quarantine has allowed the band to take full advantage of their musical ability and provide their fans a song they can easily relate to. 

Their newly released album titled “Quarantine Sessions” just recently released debuting a rewritten form of their song, “Loneliness Settles In” and much more. You can see the music video below:

Indie Vision Music Company has delivered the album featuring 7 new acoustically rewritten forms of some of our favorite classic songs. Slow Coming Day hoped to release their songs with the intention to encourage their fans with optimism during these difficult times. 

Indie Vision Music founder, Brandon Jones says, “Indie Vision Music celebrates its 20th anniversary on July 4th and what better way to celebrate than with brand new music from Slow Coming Day, a classic band that really inspired me as a person and gave me hope as someone working in the industry. Some of my very earliest shows I put together featured this band and I caught them live on many occasions. The band would eventually sign with Tooth & Nail Records, releasing a much loved “classic” emo release titled “Farewell to the Familiar” in 2003.”

Jones says that Orion Walsh’s work as a songwriter and solo artist allowed him to provide their fans with a somber, yet artistic approach. Their artistry is considered indie rock showcasing Orion Walsh on lead vocals and guitar, Dave Stoots on bass and Matt Bailey on drums. Their repertoire consists of touring and performing with bands such as Mae, Copeland, Emery, Further Seems Forever, Juliana Theory, Twothirtyeight, Spitalfield, As Tall As Lions, Gatsby’s American Dream, Waking Ashland, Mewithoutyou, Anberlin, Brandtson, and Watashi Wa to name a few, according to EXHI Music.