“Stealing Chaplin” To Become First Comedy Feature Film To Auction Collectible NFT’s

‘Stealing Chaplin’ will become the first film to auction collectable NFT‘s for their film using There will also be fifteen unique collectable NFT’s available for the bid.

The collectable that are featured in the auction bid contains comedic content from the diabolical dark comedy film. Some of the content includes video clips, film posters, and images from different scenes. Although it is unheard of in the film world but will be the first of its kind to cross into the astronomically successful financial NFT space.

Producer Ken Bressers stated; “This new NFT market is especially exciting because it not only appeals to collectors and financial speculators but also to those, in our case, who want to support independent filmmakers.”

Bressers believes with the NFT market it brings much more then ownership of artwork, video, digital drawing, image, song or gif but also allowing the field of independent cinema and NFT to merge seamlessly. Most importantly is gaining support which Bressers mentioned before.

About ‘Stealing Chaplin’

Inspired by real events, two Las Vegas based con men dig up and steal the corpse of comedian Charlie Chaplin in order to ransom it. With the theft gaining the world’s attention and the reward rising daily, soon every local lowlife, criminal and dirty cop wants a piece of the action. The story behind Stealing Chaplin” involves with a quirky, captivating, performance driven comedic ride from prolific British director Paul Tanter (“The Nights Before Christmas,” “Dystopia,” and “Kill Ratio,” among other titles) and co-written by the film’s stars Simon Phillips (“Age of the Living Dead, “ No Easy Days”), and  Doug Phillips (“Not All Who Wander,” “Butchers”) under theirDystopian Films banner with fellow producer Ken Bressers (“The Nights Before Christmas,” “The United Nations of Horror”). A stylistic half-sibling to TheCoen Brothers and Martin McDonagh, this film appeals to much of the same vast audiences who turned “Fargo,” “In Burges,”“The Big Lebowski,” “Mindhunter,” and “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,” into massively successful cult classics with a dark comedy inspired by a true story about two brothers who dig up and steal the corpse of Charlie Chaplin. Filmed on the legendary strip, Freemont Street and the 27-acre ranch of Mr. Las Vegas Himself Wayne Newton, the film honors the spirit of Las Vegas in true cinematic fashion.

The film stars Simon Phillips (“Age of the Living Dead, “ No Easy Days”), Doug Phillips(“Not All Who Wander,” “Butchers”), Al Sapienza (“The Sopranos,” “House of Cards,” “Suits”), Peter Woodward (“The Patriot,” “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Babylon“),Ken Bressers (“The Nights Before Christmas,” “The United Nations of Horror”), Anne-Carolyn Binette (“Age of The Living Dead,” “The Scarlet Vultures,” “Butchers”), Liliana Vargas (“Make Mo Money,” “Sara Did It”), the cinematic debut of Bianca Katz, and Mr. Las Vegas Himself Wayne Newton.

The High Octane Pictures diabolical dark comedy feature film “Stealing Chaplin,” is available for audiences on all TVOD/Digital platforms and on DVD. Including the collectable auction can be found and bid on:

Stay tune for more upcoming content!

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