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Tennis System just dropped “Dizzy,” a new track for the upcoming “Autophobia” album

“”Dizzy” is about the time I had during the pandemic to reflect on myself. I used that time to really dive deep inside me and decide what I wanted out of life, or what’s left of it,” said Tennis System’s Matty Taylor. “The video for “Dizzy” is meant to show my perspective of the day of a show. The things I typically do the day of a show, from the Yerba mate I drink to the tacos I eat. How I find peace before the chaos.”

Tennis System announced a short takeover of the West Coast dates in December along with Fearing and Deyssi in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The dates are attached below.

‘Autophobia’ is Tennis System’s first new full-length from the year 2019 when ‘Lovesick’ was released, marking an exciting new chapter and a modification in sound for the project. 

As defined by any dictionary, ‘Autophobia’ is the persistent, crippling fear of being alone. On behalf of Taylor, the thought of creating an album in the middle of a pandemic, where they were not able to work together as a band due to lockdown protocols. As venues were alone and empty, musicians were also left in their own thoughts as to what was to happen since they performed nowhere, wrote nothing, and let the dust collect. 

Instead of a letdown, Autophobia is not short of a wildly memorable and touching album. Tennis System’s most special, simple, and vocals-driven, the most unlikely bedroom projector a feral live musician —music to bring back the year that was lost. Alongside Johnson, Taylor swung from the scuzzy guitars and pummeling drums he is known for, instead of intertwining synth and drum machines with live drums and guitar — and also the hum of a swarm of bees — to create a tapestry of textured soundscapes, unlike anything else he had created before. 

“Writing these songs without a band let me make music without having to meet anyone’s expectations but my own,” said Taylor. In unprecedented times, “I focused on making the record I wanted to make.”

He has gained inspiration from the basest human instincts, shown in unambiguous relief this year. “You see the desperation,” he says. “Relationships were falling apart. You saw people doing Instagram Live every day just to feel a connection to people, to feel relevant, to fulfill some craving to not be alone.” Of the collective existential crisis of the Instagram economy, he declares, “It’s autophobia in and of itself.”

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